This Tree was commissioned by MUMA ( Monash University Museum of Art) for Tree Story

Feb- April 2021.It was photographed by Christina Simons for Jill Orr, as a performance for the camera, in a brief opening between Melbourne  COVID lockdowns.


This Tree: Was magnificent

This Tree: A testament to progress whose wake is unforgiving

This Tree: A Prayer, a yoga, becoming branches

This Tree: A body that is changing

This Tree: Grafting between species

This Tree: Was home

This Tree: Stood on Wurundjeri Country




Ink Jet print on Baryta 2 Archival paper

82cm x 130cm


Represented by This Is No Fantasy, Dianne Tanzer and Nicola Stein, 108-110 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065, Australia


This Tree 2021 by Jill Orr

This Tree  2021

This Tree  0481 2021 by Jill Orr

This Tree 0481  2021

This Tree 0492 2021 by Jill Orr

This Tree 0492  2021

This Tree 0620 2021 by Jill Orr

This Tree 0620  2021

This tree 0724 2021 by Jill Orr

This tree 0724  2021

This Tree 0739 2021 by Jill Orr

This Tree 0739  2021

Ink Jet Print

120 x 88cm

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